The Long Goodbye


[Short Film] Troubled by his grandfather’s sudden surgery, Matt makes a last minute visit and accidentally exposes a truth no one is prepared to face.

[Theatrical Premieres] LOS ANGELES: 5/16 | CHICAGO 5/18.

Crowdfunded by a Seed&Spark campaign, coming September 2018. EPK available here.

Full treatment, storyboard and shotlist freely available on request.


Judy Jean Berns as "Evelyn"
William Knight as "James"
Francis Lloyd Corby as "Matt"

Paul Ruddy, CSA

Writer / Director: Karl Stelter
Executive Producers: Joe Simon, Karl Stelter
Producers: Karl Stelter, Caitlin Crommett, Visual Medium
Cinematography: Joe Simon
Gaffer: Landon Brands
Grip: Kyle Smith
Production Assistants: Ovi Balc, Evan Rackle, Cameron Hull
Production Sound: Ryan Graff
Hair + MU + FX: Cristina Brennan
Stills Photography: Rachel Stelter

Editor: Scott Edwards | RELISH
Composer: Christy Marshall
Color: James Knott | BIG GAME COLOR

Special Thanks
Ellen and Bill Stelter
Seed&Spark Supporters
Brainbox Cameras

Behind The Scenes

Directors Statement

Time knocks on our door when we’re kids, and we’re too busy playing to answer. Time knocks again when we’re adults, but we’re too busy working to answer. And eventually, you have to embrace that time may or may not be on your side.

This film is an expression of everything I hope for. Everything I dream of. Everything I fear.

Learn about the film from the ground up here.