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The Good Wolf


[Short Documentary] Paralyzed from the waist down in a 2015 weightlifting accident, collegiate football player and Crossfit athlete Mino Solomon shares a raw and personal battle to not let that half-a-second define his life.

Learn more about Mino and disability here: www.thegoodwolf.net

Mino's Charity of Choice is Wings for Life, a non-profit working to cure paralysis: wingsforlife.com/

(2019) Featured as a Litepanel Ambassador Story: https://www.litepanels.com/en/applications/the-good-wolf/


Mino Solomon

Director: Karl Stelter
Cinematographer: Karl Stelter
Producer: Amy Yerrington

Editor: Scott Edwards | RELISH
Assistant Editors: Harrison Bond, Joel Dalimonte
Color: James Knott | Big Game Color
Audio Mix + Master: Niko Hook
Title Design: Corey Larson
Online Producer: Emily Switzer

Special Thanks
Mike and Rikki Salvage
Mike Haynes + Family
Michael Winchester
Danny Merchant
Suzan Aiken
Adrianna Kara
Zach Filer
Crossfit Hinge
Crossfit Jääkarhu

Behind The Scenes

Directors Statement

Unless you or a family member have been affected by disability - odds are you have no idea how much it turns life upside down.

But it also doesn’t mean life is over.

By sharing Mino’s story as one of strength and adaptation not just in the gym, but as a life view, I hope to give people hope and courage to continue fighting their own battles - regardless of what they are.

Learn more about Mino and disability here: www.thegoodwolf.net